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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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mubarak's out the army is in and the question now who's next. time to decide. which way the country is going to be easy to sort out saying it's nearly a week since he gyptian generals promised to lift a fifty year state of emergency but there's still no sign of when that will be the army if it once can keep the state of emergency in place for as long as it says it's necessary but not everyone thinks its intentions are noble my musi arm is a photographer who couldn't wait to capture egypt's revolution on film but he was stopped at the border by gyptian soldiers. so just how different is egypt today under the generals from the egypt of yesterday under mubarak finian cunningham is a middle east expert in the rain from way visual and internet communications have been cut by the authorities emergency all of the. central component of the government apparatus when i hear about things like the president.
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or. generals and for as long as a state of emergency remains in place the hopes that will to millions of egyptians to the streets remain up in the air but egypt's not the only country the middle east that lives in a state of emergency across its border here in israel this country too has its emergency doors for the last six decades since the birth of the state of israel we've been in a formal state of emergency which in israel has set into power and number of laws that were strict civil liberties and civil rights in ways that we find problematic whatever it is there's no denying that a country in a state of emergency is a country where democracy is ignored and if in egypt the generals don't make clear signs to move towards democracy soon and many protesters might be wondering what exactly they were out on the streets full. r.t. television. and melody darrius nasm rai from the center of research in globalization told us that change will only come to the region when constitutions
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are rewritten and rather lections held. these are revolts and not revolutions yet people's mindsets or revolutionary they want change they're fed up with these or revolts until the structures in place change and maybe consider revolutions in order for democratic position to occur people need to elect their officials right now we're not seeing that we're seeing the status quo in egypt the military is taking over nothing's changed it's a formal change more bar it was a part of the military the military hosni mubarak one the united states and its allies are polluting we had their backs what they're doing right now is something that we call creating a discourse counter discourse is now have a party in governance and in opposition to detroit both sides now i'm not saying that the protests are genuine the protests are absolutely genuine an organic but the fact is that the united states is trying to put its own opposition figures into
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position to see if the wise men in egypt which are unelected individuals billionaires people who were it part of the status quo are part of the regime in fact who did nothing for mubarak is in power. and coming up in just a couple of moments it's a religious i found i think president to make that a visit to france a catholic would have all the details of his meeting with the pilot downtown they could change the relationship between the countries chechnya. that's russia's wealthiest woman finds herself in the middle of a multi-million dollar fast scandal that's for the details later in the program. but going to officially as have been before a senate budget committee which is seeking to slash the u.s. government debt from less time during fourteen trillion dollars president obama has proposed cutting the massive difference budget by eight billion dollars over the next five years but the pentagon wants to be sure that saving current doesn't
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impede about his ability to wage war while nor essential programs could. difficult funding the proposed budget will see the pentagon's account arrive in the next few days but lower a cone leader from the center for american progress think time told as the current american approach to defense can't last forever. the defense budget is it's actually higher now than it was at the peak level of spending during the cold war we're spending more on defense than they are spending during the war in vietnam as well and defense spending in the country is actually doubled since two thousand and one so really i think we need to do a better job of matching our resources and our priorities i think since two thousand and one in this country we've sort of gotten into the mindset of buy everything do everything in a sense we've decided that if we can spend enough money we can sort of in a way address every threat that's out there we can buy perfect security and that's just not realistic actually secretary gates was testifying on the hill yesterday in
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front of the house armed services committee and he was asked about this very idea you know how much money do we really need to spend for all these security needs and he said listen you know there's no amount of money that you can spend that can actually take our risk down to zero and that's just it's an illusory concept so we need to do a better job as i said of matching our resources and our priorities and at this moment time with the difficult economic situation in the u.s. we really just can't afford to increase the pentagon budget year after year as we have been doing over the last decade. and while officials only about how many billion dollars to give or take from the pentagon miriam pemberton from the inside of policy studies in washington says the defoe's don't those would be much better spent at home. what they do and they've been doing it for years is a envision you know very ambitious plans for military spending then they pair them back a little bit and they call that
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a cut you talked about the reach of our of our military bases around the world some of those bases were in saudi arabia it's pretty clear that they are doing at least as much harm as they're doing good by inflaming sent sentiments in those countries who don't want to be occupied by u.s. military bases and so. i think we need to really look carefully at what we are spending for this military security and really whether it's making us in fact more secure and what we need to do is shift savings that we can readily make in the military budget into. other forms of investment in our economy that actually create more jobs we commissioned a study a couple years ago that showed that a billion dollars invested in the military creates about eleven thousand jobs but
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if you put it in for example mass transit which the president wants to do you create seventeen thousand jobs seventeen thousand jobs from mass transit eleven thousand jobs from military spending so this this investment in things we need that will actually improve the productivity of our economy as a whole. is a is a better job creator than military spending. a better be the sixteenth says she wants to learn russian that's what he told me treme about it has been an official visit to the vatican as part of the russian italian cultural exchange at just a yes and small scale and the holy sea was still tied splitting decades of disagreement . this is the first visit over russian president putin vatican city after russia and vatican establish diplomatic relations back in two thousand and nine president dmitry medvedev and both been addict the sixteenth touched upon a number of global issues as well as cooperation has been russia and italy within
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various international organizations but they also talked about the cross concessional dialogue between the russian orthodox and the roman catholic church as members of the russian delegation have been saying that literal ations between the churches have been improving recently and that right now a possibility of a meeting of the leader of the russian orthodox church patriarch cureall and the had all the roman catholic church who benedict the sixteenth is now much more possible than it was several years ago so in that respect this visit has been very symbolic also during president invidious visit to rome a number of energy deals have been signed russia and it's a we have agreed to jointly invest in two major infrastructure and energy projects in north africa also it was decided that russia is going to be involved in developing the elephant oil fields in levy it together with its lead and a career it's really is russia second largest trade partner in the european union
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after germany and according to preliminary estimates. trade to volumes have increased between the two countries by nearly twelve percent since two thousand and nine. this is all sand just a head space function courtesy of a renowned agent who spy scandal by headlines around the war. on the shop man is on a mission to get the russian space industry to look fabulous all the cosmic details are a little later in the bedroom. kosovo's marking the third anniversary of its unilateral declaration of independence from serbia but continues to suffer for puja going on. political chaos the republic is recognized by the united states and most of the but not by russia and other and or over one hundred other united nations konami crisis has been deepened by a recent council of europe report alleging top kosovo's leaders including current prime minister hashim touchy when involved in iran and its clients during the one
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thousand nine thousand on board these include executions abductions and trafficking allegations which said there has asked the u.n. security council to investigate and mark a gas leak from the british said then alliance for peace says that you are sending didn't investigate earlier because their roles and they in or happened could have. those crimes that were committed so it was at that time was so huge that. in fact the reality was that the albanians that the u.s. was sponsoring at the time they couldn't go back from their original claims without admitting that they'd be lying all along particularly in one thousand nine hundred nine and that would have meant those who bombed serbia were culpable in criminal terms for that bombing and should answer before an international court so of course it would be very difficult for them to say actually yes we are indeed wrong we were wrong we supported the wrong side and that that was one step too far for them there seems to be nobody charged with the task of actually investigating technologies
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findings so it will require a brave brave the security council and the commission security council one that wants the truth to actually appear and i have my doubts whether that will appear out of the security council. police have raided the offices of russia's richest woman of the tyrannies the billionaire wife of moscow is former may your initial call bill is signed by president dmitri medvedev and the raid was conducted as part of a criminal probe into the alleged embezzlement of four hundred and forty million dollars from the bank of moscow last year is going off explain. officials are saying that these searchers are part of an investigation looking into the embezzle mint thirteen billion rubles which is over four hundred forty million u.s. dollars from the bank of moscow which is russia's fifth largest bank and they see that you know the wife of moscow's former mayor. are directly connected to this case which actually started in december investigators believe that the investment
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was conducted through a loan deal between the bank of moscow and several if you go up in companies and they say that the money simply ended up on but due to this personal bank account not what's also interesting is that investigators say that this transaction happened on the same day as when the government allocated around fifteen billion rubles to the bank of moscow for other purposes and there's already speculation that this state money may have been used by about you know to cover up the debts over a company in teko for recent years both the union the and you to scoff moscow's former mayor have been subjected to controversy although neither of them have been found guilty of any illegal activities there's a lot of speculation that you know who is the russia's richest woman and the only female billion in the country she was able to gain this fortune with the help of
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her husband's resources as the mayor of moscow her company and talk also always got the most attractive deals in the city when it comes to its development and what's also interesting is that since stopped being the mayor of moscow into also stopped getting all these good deals. and her lawyer said deny all the accusations saying that the investigators have absolutely no grounds for such claims in the says that neither she or her company in teko were connected or involved. in any criminal activities and said that these. are pressure on her and her husband meanwhile the investigators say that they're ready to call up everybody in including for questioning if it is necessary. now some other news making international headlines series of blasts have launched a military base in tanzania killing at least twenty people it happened near the
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airport in the country's largest city. the explosions had started in one olmstead before spreading to others in the camp four thousand people have fled the area and have gathered at the country's national stopped sports stadium i see the accident at another time zone in facility in two thousand and nine killed three people. there's been a second day of violence in southeastern turkey have to rise mark the twelfth anniversary of the counter of a prominent kurdish rebel the protesters held stones and petrol bombs at the police and the c.t.o. to drive out here who responded with tear gas and water cannon and several people were arrested the protesters accused security forces of being to have a hundred during demos earlier this week over lines continued imprisonment. tourists were among twelve people killed when a boat sank in northeastern vietnam the vessel went down before dawn when most were
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asleep with bad confidence in the twenty foreigners on board those who survived nine people and six crew members jumped into the water while they were rescued by all the vessels if the dead lives to about accidents since the country opened up to foreigners twenty five years ago. belgium has now gone two hundred forty nine days without a government which some are saying equals the world record held by iraq eight months stalemate is divided on language lines between the leaders of the six million dutch speaking flemish and four and a half million french speakers hundreds peoples from both sides organized a flash mob in the french speaking student town over the phone calling for the creation of a unity government the event was one of many being held across the country. she's a former spy turned t.v. show host and a model other child who was one of the russian sleeper spannaus ring busted by us agent. yet another career designing space industry uniforms you
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could see in the reports. the bridges are taking center stage in business it seems so and on a chapman is just the latest to try and cash in on your v.a.p. status well to begin with she registered to your name as a trademark so no official michigan sells her name as a brand and the latest of your creative ideas will be reflected in a collection of quote sport ross course most people spaceman on the ground at a space control center and mosque and also the country's largest oil spills training center will be trussed up in what we believe might be very glamorous and she outfits it's not specified though in what capacity issue will be participating as a designer or she will take part in the projects financially would not have told the last year for the first time in her life on a chaplain visited the baikonur space cosmodrome in kazakhstan where she soit a rocket launched into orbit and perhaps it was there where follow the inspiration
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looked around at those brave men and decided that their next mission will be to make them look small they feel as though since july last year when she was deported from the united states of america it seems that the sell shoes spy service has become the least kept secret in russia she was offered a job on television she's now hosting a t.v. program where she's supposedly uncovering the world's secrets she was also appointed an advisor to the foreign service bank which shares the nie shows with the country's a top secret service the aphis b. and just recently she joined a program in yemen so yes it seems that these days shoes here and there and everywhere. moving on to sweden now where there's increasing pressure for the country to join nato was many european countries already members of the alliance experts say it's only a matter of time before stockholm follows their lead any so now i've met up with a local peace activist who claims all these attempts south america's way of trying
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to gain control of the north country. is on a mission to tell the world how far and how much needle has gone taking over the globe details aren't she why the activist has dedicated her life to stop what she calls the u.s. nato war machine in the south korea and japan where you can go some of the so
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proud to be one of the guys. why did people know so little about nato sweden cooperation there sort of don't speak about the connection between afghanistan the troops we have in afghanistan and nato it's sort of kept aside so people in this country they are not in favor of their soldiers in afghanistan and it was not at all brought up in the campaign for the election last autumn. so i can't on that i can see it's sort of science the whole thing. it was very obvious when that was. it was. a suicide bomber set off then got down no news paper connected this with the fact that swedish troops are in afghanistan we don't know
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for sure were the kind of connections were but they did the newspapers didn't connect the don't talk about the thought that the problem it was it is not discussed and why does the swedish media ignore these kinds of things why are people talking about this not until i show the man and show the global reach of nato and the how what they are doing up in the north like us was born being a training bomb training in nor bought then the it said this is all you are telling the truth because it's not told what if we russia goes to canada and train bombing shouldn't it be a little bit. unfeeling if we didn't it would have warped i mean i would be very very scared if they started bombing close another country came over from the other side of the ocean and started training bomb being
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a course the americans should have the right to be to be to be secure is what's going on here what are they planning for people who have endured such a horrifying war like russia you shouldn't treat them that way west is treating russia today by in circling strangling pointing at you we're from the submarine from one month outside more months you have tried in submarine surrounding the holy ratio what does that. but the international community says they understand russians caution about nato do you think they really do it's about surrounding erase shia and in the end strangle maybe not bomb but strangle and threaten so you get your gas you get the same period gas you can put up your your oil pumps and the like they tried
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during jensen i mean it was almost there they they really wanted to to to come into the core of the russian foreign ministry and then drew but then put it cape. and then what what was they telling what was the calling pussy or hitler's whore you see what he said stop enough is enough why does the country's political elite want to help or to most likely be in the alliance what are they doing to get them on the hook what are they doing what are they promising them or i really i don't have the answer because for me it is insane this policy it's true it's pure insanity ho many things can united states government show that they don't care or about peoples when they show they torture in for instance all
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these terrible torture place in. guantanamo in every place they are violating international law they are violating all treaties or treaties and they come away with it do you think that sweden hides behind partnership for peace to cooperate with nato oh it's we all knew some of us knew for heaven's sake partnership for peace is just the end to chambre for nato but the partnership for peace was the most i haven't heard that they told us told me when i was in new york a couple of years ago the pentagon said. had said partnership for peace is considered the most brilliant idea the pentagon ever had come forward with it was so successful because you could look at what the partnership for peace has turned into we need almost olinda send almost all countries that former partnership or peace they already made to and why is partnership for peace so brilliant because
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you get aligns right into the foreign policy to start to discuss you get the possibility to just start to talk with the with the people who are who are responsible for four of. for important policy that is partnership for peace and they fooled a lot of peace organizations are you crazy are you really crazy you're going with nato on no mater it's appears organisation so they were talented those who brought these they were but the worst thing and the thing that made us just be one need to warn the joining european union and then after this it was just partnership for peace i mean it was it was the it was the case i mean it joining european union richard holbrooke who came here in ninety four and said hello to to us you know richard holbrooke when he is around the where now he's dead but
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there are certain are there others coming but richard holbrooke and he said why don't you can take on the baltic states so sweden did look at what we're doing now we're almost one of the best guys in the club in the two we do more than the other countries that are in nato that were sweden is now it's a shame it's a shame i've shamed i'm ashamed of my country it's joining in nato secretly pulling people. that. thank you very much for sitting down with us.
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well as a holiday encircled you could. holiday in ski hotels. in the region country club suborning children from this beach of the first book. swiss are told close knit hold me gloats go golden retriever coachman.
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hello again this is all see it with a check of the headlines. so stray shoe with governments reaches a boiling point across the middle east and north africa is protesters push for change at the same time injections are starting to question the outcome of. the us and the trees to use a nail to hold on to its most of the budgets claiming cuts will cost lives but some say america is already in the deep end with many on the edge of. that economic wasn't political tone all close about potholes of tanishq image on its own about three cents declaring independence and so. there are fears radical islam is gaining ground in the. next to the line to form
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a saw it's needed. a politician full of contradictions and paradoxes for nearly two decades his name received no mention in the soviet press many continue to remember him or his resignation should i think he was the best emperor of the soviet era yes he was. publicly that the serbia would catch up with america and do it he promised to fully established communism in his country by nine hundred eighty that was possible and compelled to share that belief. nothing came out of it anyway communism was a fuck arrive from reality. when he was in power. descended into.


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